Process Paper

The way we chose our topic for history fair was that we all wanted to do something that was interesting and something we have heard of. We were going to do our project on Michael Jackson since de made a big impact on history. Since we all knew something about him and it was an interesting topic, but we weren’t allowed to do it, so we chose the Panama Canal. We chose this topic because it helped trading all over the world.
Our research on the Panama Canal was easy since the Panama Canal was a huge part of history. There were many websites we could use to get information from. We also used some books that were about the Panama Canal. We had plenty of information for it. We also went to the library and found some more information.
Since we all probably won’t get together and do a board we decided to make a website. We all have computers so we could work at our house and we will be able to finish the project without meeting. It will be easy to divide the work because we each can type up a section on the website. We won’t have to bother doing cutting and all that stuff. We could save money and paper by not buying a board.
The Panama Canal relates to the theme innovations in history in many ways. One way is that the Panama Canal is a major part of history because it changed the way of traveling now we don’t have to go around South America. We can just go through the Panama Canal. It was a very big for cargo ships to provide us food and other goods. They need less fuel to go to another country and trade. That is very important because we needed an easier and faster way of trading.


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